Looking For Omnivores And Vegetarians To Help With A Study?

Answer 1. "Why would you do such a horrible thing to yourself?" To me the vegan diet seems totally unnatural. It can certainly be healthy if you know what you're doing, but to me it's just not normal.2. N... Read More »

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Vegans, how are vegetarians any better than omnivores?

I think people may get upset by this question because you're suggesting that people who eat these products are directly responsible for the inhumane treatment of animals and have a lower moral stan... Read More »

Why do omnivores think that there would be no animals on Earth if we were all vegetarians/vegans?

If god hadn't meant us to eat meat it wouldn't taste so goodThe bible says i must eat meatWe have hunted animals for 1,000's of yearsI have canines therefore i NEED to eat meatPlants feel pain as w... Read More »

Are hamsters omnivores?

Hamsters are omnivores, although they eat more vegetables than meat. They are not picky eaters and will consume a wide variety of food. Hamsters in the wild eat insects and worms in addition to veg... Read More »

Are seals omnivores?

According to the "National Audubon Society Field Guide to Mammals," all seals are not omnivores, but are carnivorous in nature, consuming a diet consisting solely of meat. The world's seals inhabit... Read More »