Look at this!?

Answer I sick of it, too!!Half of the time it won't even play music on my computer.

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This look or that look [pictures]?

I'd go for the fluid liner and the other one is a burgandy color. I still say the fluid liner though.

Does this site look safe to order this camera from?

Here is a link that is a red flag....…No phone number or business address.

Ok ladies look at this below question and tell me if this is too spooky?

Lol, very spooky hun, and even if it's a coincidence it's still a nice one!And you never know, you just might have twins it's always a possibility, so good luck and double the sticky dust!

Would you look at this photo and tell me what this line before the crosswalk means when you are driving?

That is where cars are supposed to stop so they don't block the crosswalk.