Long weekend and San francisco?

Answer Four Seasons is a 5 star hotel and the lowest rate is $400 +. I'd suggest Redwood Inn for a little over $100. Or just look around all the hotels. I included a link of all the hotels in SF with pric... Read More »

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How long would a flight be from Colorado to San Francisco?

Non-stop could be some where around 2 hr 35 mins, give or take.

How long is a flight to hawaii from san francisco?

A direct flight from San Francisco to Honolulu, Hawaii takes between five hours 23 minutes and five hours 35 minutes. You can't fly direct to Hilo, but a one-stop flight takes between seven hours 1... Read More »

How long does it take for something to get mailed from San Francisco to Kansas/missouri?

Probably 4 days but it depends what the something is.. Letter might go faster than a parcel. If the parcel is Priority Mail..maybe 3.If its Parcel Post.. it could take 6-8 days

How Long Do I Have to Appeal a Divorce Judgment in San Francisco?

If a party is not satisfied with the judgment handed down by a San Fransisco, California trial judge in a divorce proceeding, she may appeal the decision to a higher court for review.