Long lasting pain .help please?

Answer If you're really concerned about this pain you should definitely go see your doctor and explain to them.They will most likely prescribe you with pain killers, and advice you.If I were you I'd just ... Read More »

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What's the best way to hurt myself with not too much pain and no real lasting injury?

your a jerk... so what you had shingles, bells palsy, back problems, spine surgery. quit being so lazy Geez!!!

How to Get a Long Lasting Tan?

After a long summer spent crafting the perfect tan, with winter months come fading. Tan aficionados need not worry; where there is a will, some skin care and a little bit of help from self-tanner, ... Read More »

What Keeps Eye Makeup Lasting Long?

Any woman with experience in makeup knows how quickly in can wear off during the course of the day. It can crease, smear or flake, downgrading your look from fabulous to frumpy. There’s no reason... Read More »

Long lasting headphones?

None of the ear buds last long, they all suffer from the same problems, namely too much stress on the connections.Don't expect a miracle, get very good at caring for them, and don't wrap the cords,... Read More »