Long hair down there?

Answer don't worry, you are going through puberty and it is normal. talk to your mom and ask her to get you a battery powered hair trimmer. Wahl makes a beard/mustache trimmer that is smaller in size and ... Read More »

Top Q&A For: Long hair down there you prefer girls with hair or no hair down there?

I'm a guy with no hair besides the mop on my head because I prefer the same with girls

You are almost 37 weeks and your due date is May 13Th you went to the doctor today and he said you were dilated 2cm and that there was definitly a head down there how long before you go into labour?

AnswerWell, they told me the same thing. I didn't go into labor until two weeks later. It just depends on how well YOUR labor goes.

Okay Yesterday I Was Shaven & ' I Used Soap To Wash Down There & It Started To Burn When I Shaved Down There ?

Put some aloe on there and let the irritation heal up, don't use soap that will mess up your Ph levels bc that can cause irritation and yeast infections, which make you smell bad.It sounds to me li... Read More »

How to Do Finger Waves in Long Hair All the Way Down?

Finger waves give you that vintage pinup look achieved by silver screen stars of yesteryear. It's a classic and sultry look that you can do with short, medium or long lengths of hair. Knowing how t... Read More »