Long Exposure using Film Camera?

Answer You will definitely need a tripod and locking cable release. You'll also want to be as far away from any light pollution as possible. This site should help you get the pictures you want: http://www... Read More »

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Camera with infinite long exposure?

Long DSLR exposures on the "B" (Bulb) settings develop more and more noise as the length in time increases.If you can shoot a decent night sky exposure with your camera, where the stars are clear s... Read More »

How do you take long-exposure pictures with a digital camera?

Some compact camera have a night scene mode that may give fairly long exposures. They generally do not offer exposures as long as the DSLR's. The small sensors tend to get noisier than larger sen... Read More »

How long does the film in a disposable camera last?

The film in a disposable camera is good for one year. There is normally an expatriation date on the disposable camera. It is best to use the film and develop it before the expiration date.Reference... Read More »

How long can I keep undeveloped film inside my camera?

Undeveloped film can be kept inside a camera until its expiration date, after which it will begin to show distorted colors and light sensitivity. According to Kodak, you should develop film as soon... Read More »