Lol. you have to try this! (Computer Geek)!?

Answer You finally figured that out!?! I don't blame you but most people don't use trial-and-error on their own computer enough to discover all its potentials. Still, having it split into two screen is ve... Read More »

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The computer is back from the Geek Squad so I have a question about getting my desktop back to normal?

Why would you pay geek Squad to "fix" anything? You know they are not certified or even trained pc techs right?Here:…In the future, use a private shop, yo... Read More »

I have a desktop computer and want to add a firewire card does the computer have to be opened up to do this?

Yes, all Pci adapter cards must be installed in a slot on the motherboard.Power down the computer and unplug from the wall outlet. Unplug all attached devices that has their own power source such... Read More »

ARe you a computer geek?

How to Be a Computer Geek?

Little known to most, there are many benefits to being a computer geek. In our high-tech society, being a computer guru can be one of the most high paying jobs available and they are highly in dema... Read More »