Logical Consequences for Bad Grades?

Answer If your child is bringing home bad grades on his report card, then he may already feel ashamed of his performance. Inducing further shame may not have the effect that you intend; you can damage you... Read More »

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Natural & Logical Consequences in the Classroom?

Teachers must deliver a strong response to students who refuse to follow orders in the classroom. Otherwise, a weak example will be set for the remainder of the students. When students are talking ... Read More »

Logical Consequences in Elementary Classrooms?

When children misbehave in the classroom, they typically understand that a consequence will follow, depending on the severity of the misbehavior. One child may hide his face and cry in fear of the ... Read More »

Classroom Activities on the Logical Consequences for the Discipline Model?

Logical consequences are a behavioral management technique many teachers use with success in the classroom. This method involves allowing students to encounter the natural consequences of their beh... Read More »

Consequences of Bad Grades?

Parents may sometimes care more about a child's bad grades than their child does. Parents, educators and counselors have varying ideas about the benefits of imposed consequences for bad grades vers... Read More »