Locker Room Shower Etiquette?

Answer Most people, at some point in their lives, will find it necessary to shower in a public shower or, more specifically, in a locker room shower. Before removing your towel and embarking on a potentia... Read More »

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How to Shower In a School Locker Room when You Don't Like to Be Seen Naked?

Most people are extremely uncomfortable with the fact of taking showers naked with other guys after gym class or a work out (if your school has a weight room).

How to Pee in a Locker Room?

It is very normal to pee in a locker room, but it can be difficult if you don't know some tricks to how to do it and hide it, so please read on!

How to Decorate a Locker Room?

Decorating the locker room is a time-honored tradition intended to excite and motivate student athletes. Decorations are usually handled by cheerleaders or pep squad members and can be implemented ... Read More »

First time using locker room showers?

Just relax, millions of other high school guys shower every day in the locker room. Not a big deal. Wear flip flops, keep your eyes forward and you will have no problem. You might see some guys ... Read More »