Location of the1996 Dodge Caravan Crank Sensor?

Answer The crank sensor in a 1996 Dodge Caravan relays information about the position of the crankshaft to the powertrain control module (PCM). The PCM uses this information to make decisions about when t... Read More »

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The Location of the Crank Sensor on a 87 Pontiac Sunbird?

Most crankshaft position sensors are located on or near the crankshaft pulley, but the 1987 Pontiac Sunbird's crankshaft sensor is in an unconventional place. The sensor tells the computer when the... Read More »

How to Test the Crank Sensor in a 1995 Caravan?

The 1995 Dodge Caravan uses a high-energy ignition with a coil and distributor. The distributor houses an ignition pickup in the form of an optical switch. This serves the same purpose as a cranksh... Read More »

Location of a Crank Position Sensor in a 1993 Mercedes 300E?

The 1993 Mercedes-Benz 300E is a mid-sized luxury vehicle built to have low coefficient of drag and in return have a high mileage lifespan. The 300E is equipped with a crankshaft position sensor wh... Read More »

How to Replace a 1998 Dodge Crank Sensor?

The powertrain control module on the 1998 Dodge Neon determines which cylinder it should fire from input from the crankshaft and camshaft position sensors. The second crank counterweight has two se... Read More »