Local channels without paying for cable?

Answer (This answer assumes you are located in the US)>there is no more over the air tv. 100% wrong. I watch them every day!You need an antenna, and the type of antenna you need depends on your location.... Read More »

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How can I view local TV channels without getting cable or satellite?

There are amplified antennas as well as omni directional antennas and highly directional ones...Put your address in here and this will tell you what your local stations are. It uses a color code th... Read More »

If I have a newer TV, but no cable, is it true I can buy a HDTV antenna for local channels?

Any antenna will allow you to pick up over the air signals if you are close enuf to broadcast towers. Outside antennas work best, but any will work, there really is no HDTV antenna. Some people w... Read More »

We just got rid of our satellite dish/cable. Will miss Sons Of Anarchy. any suggestion on local channels.?

Buy a digi box ull still be able to watch sons of anarchy I think its on channel 30 or 31 depending on ur location bud. Hope iv helped.

Network and cable HD channels without cable box?

Yea, I've heard of that before. The easy explanation is that your cable company is not using any encryption on their on-demand frequencies. When you did an automatic channel search, some people on ... Read More »