Loans for school! Please help!?

Answer Have you tried for financial aid? I were you, I'd visit your school's Financial Aid office. At least at my school, they were very very helpful. They offered me money righ... Read More »

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Please tell me about all the schlorships and loans I can get for school?

The best way to familiarize yourself with the somewhat complicated and confusing world of college financing is a free booklet that is published by the US Department of Education. It's called "Fundi... Read More »

Student Loans Question Please help?

This is a pretty standard question. Without spending too much time in a financial aid office, there is plenty you can do get the process started. Start by going to and fi... Read More »

Help with Federal loans and how they work please...?

The Federal loan programs do 6 months exactly for the reason you mentioned. Most students are off for 3-4 months in the summer and this allows students to have a vacation without triggering the cla... Read More »

Does paying interest on student loans while in school help credit?

well it depend on what kind of loan you have. anyways you shouldn't have to start paying any interest until after the 6 month grace period at least that is how my loans are. plus remember if you st... Read More »