Lo i changed wikipedia did anyone notice?

Answer OMG its still there

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Did u notice what i done to united states in wikipedia?

Wow, aren't you great!!!! You EDITED WIKIPEDIA TO CONTAIN NONSENSE. That's something ONLY A FEW THOUSAND MORONS do each day!!!! Don't you feel great to be in that group?Oh, by the way, it was rever... Read More »

How often do you vandalise Wikipedia, and how long before the wikifiddlers notice?

so sad. .. .. .. can you not think of anything constructive to do with your spare time?

Wikipedia icon changed to Reddit's?

(Ignore Sir Caustic's answer, he often trolls the Wikipedia answers section). The only way a non-developer could change the logo is by changing… And the p... Read More »

How can you tell what changed from one revision of a wikipedia article to the next?

The page highlights things that were changed. In the page you linked, for example, you see some orange highlighting on the left and some blue highlighting on the right; everything highlighted chang... Read More »