Living off of student loans 18 years old?

Answer You should contact your school in Eugene to get your official award letter. This should give you a breakdown of all the financial aid you qualified for, including loans, grants, and scholarships. Y... Read More »

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Are there any student loans out there where the student can repay after their 4 years of college?

How to Pay Off Student Loans in Five Years?

Student loans are common among undergraduate students, with 65.6 percent of students graduating with student loans in 2008, averaging $23,186 of debt according to Fin Aid. Repayment terms on studen... Read More »

Student loans to cover living expenses while in college?

Most banks have a loan called an education plus loan, that you can get to cover expenses outside of your tuition. the loan works similar to a federal loan, and you can choose to pay on it during or... Read More »

I defaulted on a student loan, It was paid in full 5 years ago. Is it possible to get new loans for education?

Once a defaulted loan is paid in full you regain eligibilty for Title IV funding (financial aid), but your credit record will continue to show the defaulted loan for 7 years. If you are totally pa... Read More »