Live security platinum keeps coming back, help!?

Answer This link provides a detailed removal procedure. is generally the best site to visit:…Hope this helps.

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Live Security Platinum uninstall help?

Live Security Platinum does not infect files. It is malware and not a virus. If you did system restore, scan with couple antivirus programs, I recommend Hitman pro ( Read More »

How do I get rid of adware off my computer Its infecting everything and it keeps coming back. Yuck!?

download Ewido anti sypware and run the update. now turn off "system restore" from the control panel. disable network connection. restart in safe mode. run ewido and recommend deletion of files if... Read More »

Whats the best medcattion to get rid of an awful headache that keeps coming back?

Well you have to know what's causing it. Is it a lack of sleep headache? A cluster headache? Food allergy headache? Migraine? hormonal headache? Stress or tension headache? or posture headaache... Read More »

Stretch marks keeps coming out help?

bio Oil helps a very little, but nothing on God's earth, will ever really get rid of them, so sorry,some of us are just prone to them.