Live Oak Tree Is Not Growing?

Answer Live oak trees are large shade trees that tend to be symbolic of the south. In fact, the live oak is Georgia's state tree. While the trunks are short and thick, the tree still grows up to 60 feet t... Read More »

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What tree does the tree squirrel live in?

A tree that offers ready, safe access to food and that includes safe, comfortable living conditions for setting up a home is what tree squirrels [Sciuridae family] look for. In terms of food, tree... Read More »

Why isn't my tree growing?

If you live where winter is just ending, then it's been winter-dormant most of the time. It's roots should have been growing, but you can't observe that.You should see buds swelling, or maybe it's... Read More »

Growing Orange tree advise?

Did you plant it in the ground? If so - give it time to get established. If in a pot - then it probably is being held back by the size of the pot.

Fast Growing Columnar Tree for Zone 6?

Trees come in many shapes. Some trees are pyramidal, being wider at the bottom and coming to a point at the top. Generally, evergreens sold for holiday trees, such as pines and spruces, are pyramid... Read More »