Live Axles Vs. Independent Rear Suspensions?

Answer Independent rear suspensions aren't new, but they still haven't quite overtaken the solid ("live") axle the way some predicted decades ago. It would be easy to dismiss live axle proponents as autom... Read More »

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How to Remove Rear Axles?

The rear axle on a vehicle is responsible for transmitting the power produced by the engine to the wheels and has various different gear ratios to do this. Depending on the ratio, your vehicle can ... Read More »

How to Take Out Rear Axles on a Toyota Landcruiser?

The rear axles on a Toyota Landcruiser drive the rear wheels. These axles have seals and bearings on them, which can wear down over time. When this happens, there may be problems with the axles tur... Read More »

How to Replace Honda Rear Axles?

The rear axles in your Honda transmit power from the differential to the wheels and wear over time. When the axles fail, you may be able to hear a clicking sound emanating from the axles when drivi... Read More »

Information on Dana Rear Axles?

Dana Holding Company is the world's largest supplier of axles. Dana Holding Company is based in Maumee, Ohio. Dana has produced rear axles for use in a wide variety of vehicles.