Little Walnut Tree Facts?

Answer Large or "normal"-sized walnut tree varieties are popular, but just as common is the smaller version, simply called the little walnut tree (Juglans microcarpa). The little walnut's nearest relative... Read More »

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Facts About Black Walnut Tree Leaves?

Black walnut---Juglans nigra L.---is native to and grows best on the deep well-drained soils of Missouri and the northern plains, or on alluvial (high in clay, silt and sand from rivers) soils in t... Read More »

How big does a walnut tree get?

Anywhere from 30ft to 130ft depending on species.

Why is your walnut tree leaking sap?

Because Tree Assassin AKA Shark Killer capped it with his .45.

How to Grow a Walnut Tree?

Growing a walnut tree will require effort and time. Trees take a while to grow but quicker if you maintain it. The seed takes time to open and start growing.