Little Fuzzy Yellow Bugs Under the Zucchini Leaves?

Answer Growing your own vegetables can offer satisfaction to the avid gardener and is more cost-efficient than buying vegetables from the grocery store. To ensure your vegetable plants make it to harvest ... Read More »

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Bugs are eating little circles in my plant leaves. What are they How do I get rid of them?

HelloOk so you have random hole's showing up in your leaves. If they are in the being punched out and not eaten from the edges in then its most likely slugs It's not Aphids because you would alwa... Read More »

Little notches in the leaves of my California Holly. I check for bugs several times a day and find nothing?

MASTER GARDENER TO THE RESCUE.checked for bugs several times a day and saw nothing huh? that's because your black vine weevil only comes out at night. you'll find them after 11 pm on the undersid... Read More »

Fuzzy Leaves and Pink Flowers?

If you're looking for a plant for your garden with fuzzy leaves and pink flowers, the rose campion may be the right one for you. This graceful, long-stemmed plant is native to Northern Africa, sout... Read More »

How to Identify Worm-Like Fuzzy Bugs with Red Long Hairs?

Red furry caterpillars are fascinating. Their hairy bodies make them look like animals or strange miniature monsters. While there are a few different types of red furry caterpillars around the worl... Read More »