Little Flying Bugs in Soil?

Answer While soil is home to various house and garden plants, several other living things call the soil home, including worms, molds, mildew and insects. In fact, so much nutrition from rotting leaves an... Read More »

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How do you get rid of black flying bugs in plant soil?

These black flying critters are called fungus gnats and pose a three part problem for you: adult, larvae and eggs. The adults like to lay their eggs in the moist soil of your houseplants and when t... Read More »

Little flying black bugs around doorway?

We really need to see them to be sure, or at least have LOTS more detail. In order to upload a photo you need to go through an online photo service. I can't help you with that because I've never do... Read More »

Little White Soil Bugs?

Home gardeners often find little white bugs in the soil of potted plants. These insects are the larval form of fungus gnats, which are non-biting insects that resemble mosquitoes. Fungus gnats are ... Read More »

Flying Brown Bugs in the House?

Homeowners often find flying brown bugs inside their homes. Most insects wander indoors by mistake and do not usually bite or sting humans. However, the sight of flying brown bugs is often unnervin... Read More »