Literature Learning Games?

Answer Literature is not a subject children can learn through rote memory. Rather, students learn literature best through activities that are reflective, such as response writing, or interactive, such as ... Read More »

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Learning Games to Improve Memories of Learning-Disabled Students?

Students with learning disabilities sometimes have poor auditory and visual memory skills. This has an impact on their ability to learn. Auditory memory is vital to learning the two skills necessar... Read More »

Literature Games for Kids?

Reading, discussing and writing about literature in class is a common method of instilling the concepts in the text. However, sometimes this method may not be enough. To help drive these concepts h... Read More »

Interactive Literature Games for Junior High Students?

Teaching junior high students literature often involves assigning a book to read, reviewing new words, then giving a quiz on the book. This method, though tried and true, may become redundant. Try ... Read More »

Comparison & Differences Between the Teaching of French Literature & English Literature?

The earliest work of French literature dates from the ninth century, while the oldest English text, "Caedmon's Hymn," originates even earlier, in the seventh century. Both literatures offer a long ... Read More »