Lists of Bare Necessities for Clothing & Household?

Answer Trying to determine the absolute minimum household and clothing needs for a person can be challenging. It's also a subjective "science" in that an individual's life history, financial situation, be... Read More »

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What Are the Bare Necessities for Schools?

The cost of everyday living can make it hard for many parents and even grown college students to acquire their own or their children's school materials. The lists that teachers give out at the begi... Read More »

Who sings"The Bare Necessities"for Disney?

The Bare Necessities was sung by Baloo the bear and Mowgli in Disney's 1967 animated film "The Jungle Book." Phil Harris voiced the fun-loving bear Baloo while Bruce Reitherman played Mowgli.Refere... Read More »

Household Furnishing Inventory Lists?

Every family and home should have a household furnishing inventory list. These lists can be useful for insurance purposes in case of a disaster such as a fire, hurricane, flood or tornado. They ca... Read More »

Vegans- Do you put as much effort into making sure your clothing, household items,?

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