Listening Skills & Counselling?

Answer Problems with communication is a common reason people seek counseling. The counselor is in a unique position to model and teach clients the value of effective listening. Being a thoughtful listen... Read More »

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How to Use Listening Skills?

From loved ones to classmates, listening is an integral part of life's interactions. It allows individuals to absorb information and either interact with it or retain it. It is this very skill, whi... Read More »

Listening & Notetaking Skills?

Plutarch once said, "Know how to listen and you will profit even from those who talk badly." All students, especially those who find school boring, should heed this advice. Listening well helps you... Read More »

Listening Skills in Children?

People need good listening skills in order to be good communicators. Children who learn to listen early can improve their chances of success in the classroom. Teachers and parents provide so much b... Read More »

Listening & Attention Skills?

There are days when getting and keeping the attention of your pre-kindergarten or kindergarten class can be a challenge. Entertaining chants and songs will allow the students in your classroom to p... Read More »