Listening Skill Lesson Plan?

Answer Hearing is an innate ability that everyone void of a hearing disability can do. Listening, on the other hand, is a more complex ability that requires skill. Children should be taught to listen an... Read More »

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Listening Skill Ideas for Pre-K?

Parents and teachers want preschoolers to listen well so that they are able to gain language, follow directions and learn new concepts. However, listening is a skill that must be practiced to devel... Read More »

What is the most important lesson or skill that your Mom had taught you which you would pass on to your child?

My mother taught me to be a strong, independant woman. She never hung on a mans word or law and ruled her home herself. She and my Dad were a united front and very much in love but all final decisi... Read More »

Lesson Plans to Enhance Listening Skills?

Listening is much more than just hearing sounds and labeling them with words; listening is the active process of determining the meaning behind those sounds and words. According to Learning Through... Read More »

How to Make a Five Lesson Plan?

Making a five-lesson plan is rather like constructing a mini-unit. Doing lessons in a block encourages development of a comprehensive plan that incorporates an overview, while still recognizing the... Read More »