List three goals for a teacher in her first year teaching?

Answer 1. Remember you are not your students friends. (Believe it or not several new teachers make this mistake)2. Keep all of your lesson plans organized. (You will reuse some lesson plans the next year.... Read More »

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List of Teacher's Goals for Curriculum & Successful ESL Class Plans?

Although many soon-to-be ESL teachers spend much of their time concerned with how they will handle classroom issues, like a student's behavioral or academic problems, the path to success as an ESL ... Read More »

Must-Have Teaching Supplies for a First-Year Teacher?

As a first-year teacher, you are filled with questions. Additionally, you aim for full preparation for the school year in order to make your students successful. Fill your classroom with must-have ... Read More »

What are the goals of a special ed teacher?

Special education teachers, unlike their general education teacher counterparts, do not concentrate solely on content knowledge. Special education teachers are trained to intervene in the different... Read More »

How to Set Teaching Goals?

When you close the door to your classroom the first day of school, you may wonder how to set effective goals for the school year ahead. Variables go into the mix, of course, such as your students'... Read More »