List three goals for a teacher in her first year teaching?

Answer 1. Remember you are not your students friends. (Believe it or not several new teachers make this mistake)2. Keep all of your lesson plans organized. (You will reuse some lesson plans the next year.... Read More »

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Must-Have Teaching Supplies for a First-Year Teacher?

As a first-year teacher, you are filled with questions. Additionally, you aim for full preparation for the school year in order to make your students successful. Fill your classroom with must-have ... Read More »

Ideas for Teaching Three-Year-Olds the ABCs?

Prepare a three-year old for preschool by introducing him to the names and sounds of the alphabet. At this age, he can begin to recognize the letters and sounds. Use songs, games, and visual elemen... Read More »

First Day of School Check List for a Teacher?

The first day of school is an exciting time for both students and teachers. Most students are curious about what is expected of them. Teachers, however, are entering a classroom with a different se... Read More »

Is there any point in teaching my three year old how to make a decent cup of tea?

No, (s)he will just end up spilling half of it all over the carpet when they're carrying it across the kitchen and you'll end up either having to train them to clean the carpet, or clean it yoursel... Read More »