List these drinks.....Please?

Answer CokeMountain dewLemon lime and bittersLemon squashPepsi:)

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Have you ever heard of any of these C-list nobodies?

Nope, I can't say that I have heard of any of those people. But then, it is highly unlikely that any of them have ever heard of me, so I figure we're even.As for questions concerning why anyone wo... Read More »

On a rating of 0-10 how do you rate these dishes on this list?

1) Roast Fresh Ham with Applesauce - 82) Meatloaf with Mushroom Gravy - 93) Broiled Jumbo Shrimp stuffed with crabmeat - 104) Mandarin Salad(Toasted Walnuts, Orange slices, & Mixed Greens - 85) BLT... Read More »

On a scale of A-F how do you rate these drinks from this list?

1) Milk C (A+ when it's with cookies, A+ if it's soy milk but other than that i'm not a fan of milk)2) Pepsi D (ugh soda = bad!)3) Kool Aid C (some taste funky, some taste good)4) Orange Juice A++ ... Read More »

Which of these drinks are considered girly drinks (I have a list in the description)?

Rum and Coke and Vodka and 7 are not girly but the screwdriver is borderline except for a breakfast beverage on vacation and the apple juice and vodka is definitely girlie :)