List of the Supply Chain Differences Between B2B & B2C?

Answer Supply chains are the activities required to move products from suppliers to manufacturers to distributors to stores --- plus activities to record and make visible information about these movements... Read More »

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A List of the Differences Between Diamond & Graphite?

To the casual observer, a diamond and a sample of graphite seem to have nothing in common. The two minerals, however, are in reality closely related because they are both almost pure carbon. Even t... Read More »

Hello, I would like to know how to list down the differences between 2 columns of data using Excel?

I not sure this is very elegant, but it will give you the answers you want.Based upon the two example columns that you specified, enter two similar formulas. One in column C: =IF( COUNTIF( A:A, ... Read More »

How to Build a Green Supply Chain?

Being environmentally friendly can be a top priority for your business, but until you know how to build a green supply chain, you oftentimes can't feasibly reach that goal. Find out how you can wor... Read More »

Supply Chain Management Training?

A supply chain manager assures that the supply of goods and services that flows through the system accurately matches the demand. The most common educational approach in becoming a supply chain man... Read More »