List of the Most Important Inventions of the 20th Century?

Answer The 20th century was a beehive of inventive activity. Some inventions improved on 19th century developments, such as moving pictures, gasoline-powered automobiles and plastics. Other inventions mad... Read More »

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20th Century Inventions?

The 20th century featured a number of inventions and innovations designed to make modern life simpler. Some inventions were improvements upon already established designs while others were created c... Read More »

Most Important Medical Discoveries of the 20th Century?

The 20th century was defined in part by medical advancements that shaped the world we know today. Many of these medical innovations saved countless lives by preventing or curing illnesses, while ot... Read More »

When is the end of the 20th century?

The 20th century ended on December 31, 2000 and it began on January 1, 1901. A century is a period of time that lasts one hundred years. The first year in a century always ends in one and the last ... Read More »

What is considered to be the 20th century?

The twentieth century is generally accepted to have begun in the year 1901 and run until the year 2000, at which point the 21st century began. A century is always a period of one hundred years.Refe... Read More »