List of the 10 Highest Risk Jobs Reported by Either State or Federal Statistics?

Answer According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the year 2009 was the safest year to be at work in the United States. Work-related fatalities dropped to just 4,340, down 17 percent from 2008. Th... Read More »

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List of High-Risk Jobs?

People go to jobs every day risking their lives and limbs to accident, injury or death. Even common or safe-sounding jobs have a lot of risk. While not all people who do these jobs are going to die... Read More »

What state has the highest radon risk?

Iowa is the state whose residents are at highest risk of developing radon-related illness. Iowa has the highest concentration levels of radon out of all 50 states. People who live in areas with hig... Read More »

List of the Highest Paid Jobs in the Music Business?

Although many people dream of becoming a multi-platinum selling musician, this goal is not usually the most realistic one. Luckily for those who want to work in the music industry, a handful of job... Read More »

Jobs That Use Statistics?

Statistics is the science that applies numbers to real-world situations. The field of statistics includes the creation of means to collect data, the actual collection and then the analysis of that ... Read More »