List of over the counter supplements, plus Align?

Answer Those look OK to me. Normally it's herbals you have to be very cautious of with birth control. Those potassium pills can't be US made, we only sell 99 mgs...kinda strange for me to see that...In th... Read More »

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Are over the counter growth supplements a scam or a legitimate way to grow taller?

An growth enhancer supplement is a safe and fast way to grow taller. l' ve been using it for almost 2 months and lm pleased with the results.It's a scam like all the others. Above poster, how old a... Read More »

How to Right-Align a Text List in a Visual Basic Message Box?

By default, the MsgBox function in Visual Basic requires only the message or prompt parameter. However, a second parameter is available that lets you use the MsgBoxStyle enumeration to customize th... Read More »

Are magnesium supplements safe to take over time?

On One Hand: Americans are Seriously Magnesium DeficientThere isn't a single cell in the body that doesn't require magnesium. Yet, for various reasons most individuals do not receive enough of this... Read More »

Over the counter sleep aid?

Melatonin! That's what I take and it is a natural sleep aid so is healthy for u :)