List of foods high in protien need some help here people!?

Answer BeansTofu NutsYogurt (try has 14 grams)Peanut/Almond butterEggsMilkAny meat ChickenFishSeafood like shrimp Soy (don't eat too much of it)

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What are some good high protein recipes or list high protein foods to eat?

Hi protein foods:Meat, cheese, eggs, yogurt.Or, add protein or whey powder to your smoothies!Make a spinach protein fruit smoothie!This is the one my daughter makes over and over again: http://www.... Read More »

Ok, I need some reassurance. How many people here shop online?

There's 3 things to consider:1) The merchant. Reliability can be approximated, be never guaranteed.Have a go with these to assist making an informed choice:Zscaler Safe Shopping is continually up-t... Read More »

Can any nurses or doctors in here give me some help about high blood pressure?

167 is still very high;considering the fact that 120is considered too high.Controlling salt intake is a step in the right direction;however,watch the processed foods that you consume.Drink plenty o... Read More »

I need some help on how to avoid foods.?

Carbohydrates are cheap. I am on a low-carbohydrate diet and my fellow LC dieters often like to argue that there's a way to eat inexpensively on this diet, but I haven't really learned how to after... Read More »