List of foods high in protien need some help here people!?

Answer BeansTofu NutsYogurt (try has 14 grams)Peanut/Almond butterEggsMilkAny meat ChickenFishSeafood like shrimp Soy (don't eat too much of it)

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List of People Foods That Are Bad for Dogs?

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List of Safe People Foods for Dogs?

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What are some good high protein recipes or list high protein foods to eat?

Hi protein foods:Meat, cheese, eggs, yogurt.Or, add protein or whey powder to your smoothies!Make a spinach protein fruit smoothie!This is the one my daughter makes over and over again: http://www.... Read More »

How come people dont think we get protien?

Have you seen the questions here? Vegetarians asking how they can they get enough protein. If some vegetarians themselves don;t know the answer, why are you surprised that non vegetarians don't kno... Read More »