List of Windows Media Player Updates?

Answer Windows Media player has been Microsoft's music and film player since it's inception in the Microsoft 98 update 6.1. Microsoft has formed their Windows Media Player to be able to house a library of... Read More »

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How do I check for updates in Windows Media Player?

Use WMP to Check for Available UpdatesMake sure your computer is connected to the Internet. Open Windows Media Player. Press "Ctrl-M" to make the menu bar visible. Click "Help," then "Check for Upd... Read More »

How do I add a list to Windows Media Player?

Create New PlaylistOpen Windows Media Player. Click "Create Playlist" on the left panel and type in a name for the new list. An empty playlist pane will appear on the right-hand side of the screen.... Read More »

How do I add iPod to Windows Media Player sync list?

Install Windows Media Player PluginYou need to download and install a plug-in for Windows Media Player to sync songs to your iPod from it, because iPods initially only support syncing through iTune... Read More »

How do I delete a file list from Windows Media Player 8?

Open the Registry Editor: Click "Start" and then click "Run" in Windows XP. Type "regedit" into the "Run" box and press "Enter." Click "Start" in Windows Vista or 7. Type "regedit" into the "Search... Read More »