List of Unique Jobs?

Answer Not everyone is cut out for the typical 9-to-5 gig. There are many unique, strange, or just plain weird jobs out there to be had. Some jobs are both interesting and lucrative, like a flavorist, whi... Read More »

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How to Get a List of the Unique Values in an Excel Spreadsheet?

In Microsoft Excel 2007, there are 3 basic ways to view and/or generate a list of unique values, including using an advanced filter, removing duplicates or applying conditional formatting. The meth... Read More »

List of Unique Halloween Costume Ideas?

From scary stories to haunting parties, Halloween is a fun time of year for all ages. One of the things that lends to the enjoyment of the holiday is the ability to dress up and pretend to be someo... Read More »

Microsoft Excel = list all unique combinations in "sets" HELP!?

The following macro will generate all the combinations and list them in range E1:H495. Your list of 12 items is assumed to be in A1:A12. You may need guidance on how to copy and run the macro:Sub... Read More »

A List of DNR Jobs?

Protecting and conserving while providing outdoor activities for people to enjoy the beauty of nature is the primary purpose of the Departments of Natural Resources (DNR). There are many opportunit... Read More »