List of Types of Computers?

Answer There are different classes of computers geared toward different uses. Many of these different types of computers share similar internal components. In most cases, these internal components differ ... Read More »

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Four different types of computers?

You can generally break up computers into categories as follows:1. The personal pc2. The mini computer w/multiple user capabilities3. The main frame computer w/multiple user capabilities4. The Serv... Read More »

Types of Computers in Cars?

It's easy to think of a car as a mechanical system with moving parts and technology from a century ago. However, modern cars make extensive use of computers, setting them apart from the older model... Read More »

Types of Cable for Computers?

A computer system is basically a network of electronic components connected by cables. Because each type of computer cable performs a distinctive function, computer users will find it easier to con... Read More »

Types of Computers Used in the Government?

Computers are among the most widely used electronic devices in the world. The government needs to store information safely and process data constantly, and computers are employed to help handle the... Read More »