List of Title 1 Schools in Ohio?

Answer Many schools receive federal money for repairs, improvements and programs such as free or low-cost lunches. However, if the school is also located in an area with a low average income, the school i... Read More »

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List of Title I Schools in Lake County, Illinois?

The U.S. Department of Education provides Title I funding to school systems that have a high percentage of students who are living at or near the poverty level and thus are at an increased risk of ... Read More »

How to Change an Indiana Auto Title Into an Ohio Auto Title?

New state residents or residents buying a car from out of state need to obtain an auto title in the car owner's state of residence. For example, an Indiana resident with an Indiana auto title needs... Read More »

Ohio Title Agency Procedures for a Quitclaim Deed?

When a property is transferred to new homeowners, the deeds associated with that property must be adjusted, too. This process is called conveyance. Therefore, the documents used to this process are... Read More »

If someone is in graduate school in Michigan but claims her residence as Ohio and pays state tax in Ohio and her car is registered in Ohio can she buy auto insurance using her Ohio address?

why do you want to know this???????? Answer: Yes, if your residence is listed as Ohio and your car is registered in Ohio, you can buy insurance using your Ohio address.