List of Things to Carry for International Students?

Answer Travelling abroad for study is a great opportunity to not only explore a foreign land, but also get some hands-on training for your field of study. Many countries have a set of customs and morals t... Read More »

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Are there international students in Uk who have students loan from is an information website, you can't apply for loans through it - it can only tell you who to apply to.…And if you look at the applicat... Read More »

What equipment does the international space station carry?

The ISS carries MANY different kinds of equipment from plants, to space food, experiental equipment, spae suits, and they even have a cumputer that tells ET'S what planet we are from, what animals ... Read More »

"The 25 Things That Killed Hip Hop" list, What do you think of this list and how many do you agree with?

A lot of that list is right on point, I do agree with most things on this list, but I'm judging that by what I saw, not the details(too much of a read, haha)But I especially agree with 2, 10, 11, 1... Read More »

Scholarships for International Students?

to fund you would be VERY expensive, so much, they could send about 10 people to school. :-)