List of Things Guys Like in Girls?

Answer Though many would think that guys like girls based solely on looks, it goes much deeper than that. How a girl looks may be the initial attraction that draws a guy to her, but whether or not he stic... Read More »

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Things That Annoy Guys About Girls?

Of course it's impossible to lump all girls together because they all have their own individual behavior. And not all boys are annoyed by the same things. However, boys and men sometimes generalize... Read More »

Top things guys dislike about girls appearance?

The most attractive thing about a woman to me is her just being herself. I have been asked many times what it is that I find attractive in a woman and what type of woman do I like. To be quite ho... Read More »

Guys, what are the most annoying things you find about girls?

#1 most annoying thing I find about girls: When they are in a group of people and they start to laugh really loud the second attention is taken off of them. They start to laugh louder and louder u... Read More »

Do guys notice small things about girls?

I would say I'm a very sweet guy and decently popular at school, but I always notice when a girl does something different. More so when/if I'm into them, but still, I notice all the time. And I als... Read More »