List of Skype Features?

Answer Skype enables users to place and receive telephone calls using a peer-to-peer voice over Internet protocol (VoIP). Telephone calls to other users of the Skype service are free, while telephone call... Read More »

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Skype Features?

Skype is a program that allows users to make phone calls using voice over Internet protocol (VoIP.) The user can make calls to landlines or to other Skype users. In addition, texting, instant mes... Read More »

Why has skype windows live messenger merged with skype?

They merged because of Microsoft purchased Skype and choose to combine Skype the live messenger.

Skype Question Do my contacts have to be logged into Skype for me to see them online?

It's only when they log into skype. You can set it so that no one see's that you are logged into skype though, so just because skype says they are not there does not mean they aren't, it just may m... Read More »

Whats skype wat do u do in skype?

Hi Joseph,Skype is basically video chatting, you can video chat and you can also chat.IMPORTANT:There are also people that pretend to be from the army, but never call them again as your phone or co... Read More »