List of Simple Standards for Good Drinking Water?

Answer Drinking water standards in the U.S. are produced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), after the Safe Drinking Water Act was passed by Congress in 1974. These ensure that water used for hu... Read More »

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Standards for Nitrates in Drinking Water in California?

Under California's Safe Water Drinking Act of 1996, public health agencies in the state set the levels at which nitrates and other substances in drinking water become a health hazard. The standards... Read More »

Can you list some of the health benefits you have experienced from drinking alot of water?

Everyone needs a different amount depending on body weight, physical activity, the amount you sweat, etc. Don't wait until you're thirsty to have a drink – you are already dehydrated if you feel ... Read More »

Does drinking plenty of water enhance having a good mood/feeling good?

Well, water helps clean out your system of icky bad garbage that is backed in your system. When your body feels clean and healthy inside, then you are happy. Its a psychological state of mind. Your... Read More »

Simple Drink question. Pepsi Orange Juice Vitamin Water Or Milk Which from this list do u like better?