List of Seraphim?

Answer In Christianity, the Seraphim are a class of angels that serve as God's attendants in Heaven. Like the Cherubim, the Seraphim are the highest ranking angels in Christianity, but in Judaism they are... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between a Seraphim & a Cherubim?

Seraphim and cherubim are two types of angels from Judeo-Christian religion that have held a lot of mystery and intrigue throughout the ages. Angels, particularly cherubs or cherubim, have also bee... Read More »

Information on Seraphim Angels?

The seraphim order in the Bible is the highest rank of angels that sits next to God's throne. They are the highest of nine classes, or choirs. With the exception of figures such as Archangel Michae... Read More »

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BOYS:Jacob - 9/10 - Very handsome name, and will age well. Deserving of its top spot.Mason - 2/10 - I don't get the appeal, as it makes me picture fat bullies, but it's not unusable or anything. It... Read More »