List of Savanna Animals?

Answer Savannas are dominated by grasslands, with trees scattered only sporadically across the land. A savanna has two main seasons, wet and dry. Since the dry season is long, animals have learned to adap... Read More »

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What Animals in the Tropical Savanna Fight for Space?

The savanna has very many species. Most animals are overprotective of their territories. If another species tries to invade their territory, they will usually fight to defend it. Although most spec... Read More »

List of Marsupial Animals?

Marsupials are often associated with Australia where most of the species are found, including the most well-known, the kangaroo. However, not all 334 species of the pouched mammal are found on this... Read More »

List of Endangered Sea Animals?

Although many sea animals have cosmopolitan distributions, the populations of many marine creatures are dwindling. As of January 2010, 620 different marine species populations are threatened, accor... Read More »

List of Zoo Tycoon Animals?

Zoo Tycoon is a series of games for the PC that allows you to build and maintain evolving 3-D zoos. You can choose which animals you want to place in your zoo and provide for their individual needs... Read More »