List of Poisonous Garden Plants for Dogs?

Answer During the end-of-year holiday season, dog owners are inundated with warnings about the dangers that poinsettia plants pose to the health of domesticated canines. However, a number of common garden... Read More »

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(UK) What common garden plants & shrubs are poisonous to dogs?

If you go to there is an enormous list, way too long for me to list here of various plants and shrubs which are poisonous to dogs. Included are Laburnum, Azalea, Cherry Laurel,... Read More »

Plants & Flowers That Are Poisonous to Dogs?

More than 700 flowering plants, trees and shrubs are known to have toxic effects on dogs, according to the Humane Society of the U.S. Poisoning symptoms can range from mild to severe but include di... Read More »

Are pepper plants poisonous to dogs?

Peppers are not poisonous to dogs. Some dogs may be irritated by the heat of different types of peppers, such as the fiery habanero pepper variety, but even then, the pepper will not cause any dama... Read More »

Are elephant ear plants poisonous to dogs?

Elephant's ear, a member of the Colocasia plant family, is potentially poisonous to dogs. Although it may not be immediately fatal or result in severe illness, ingestion of the juice of this plant,... Read More »