List of Pets in "Perfect World"?

Answer The Perfect World multi-player online role-playing game based on Chinese mythology offers a range of quests, trades and other activities in which players obtain pets as a reward. Players can earn,... Read More »

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Do turtles make perfect pets?

i have 3... linda and andrew are red ear sliders... sir turtleton is a painted...turtles need 10 gallons of tank for every inch of shell... thery need a heat lamp, uv lamp, high tech filters, heat... Read More »

How to Get a Genie in "Perfect World"?

In the online game "Perfect World," players use genies as companions for their characters. Genies have the ability to level, have skills to acquire and have equipment that players can buy for them ... Read More »

Why do celebrities seem to have perfect skin, perfect body, and perfect teeth?

im guessing it is because they have their own personal instructers and stuff like that. And sometimes i have heard that the camra takes off 10 pounds or it puts on and most of the time stars arent... Read More »

How to Get More Experience at "Perfect World"?

"Perfect World" is a Massive Multiplayer Online game that's loosely patterned after the world and feeling of Chinese mythology. Players can interact in the world, follow quests, slay enemies and gr... Read More »