List of New Gaia Tattoo Ink?

Answer Gaia Online is a forum-based community where users can create their own anime-style avatars. To upgrade your avatar with new tattoos, collect at least 50 bugs, or a specialty bug to the Durem Depot... Read More »

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How to Get Gaia Cash on Gaia Online?

Gaia cash is a little different than regular Gaia coins/tickets. Cash enables a user to buy/purchase extra things within Gaia, such as tattoos/piercings, crowns, or individual long stem roses.

Where do you put BBC codes on gaia?

you go to your profile, and then at the top select edit layout. Then at the bottom of the blue editing panel you click 'text' that is were you can put in BBC

How to Change Your Name on Gaia?

On online games, most of the time on MMORGs, you tend to want to change your name to reflect the style, attire, or want a new "fresh" chapter on your character. Changing names is the best route to ... Read More »

How to Become a Mod on Gaia Online?

Gaia Online is an anime-themed social network that allows anyone 13 years and older to create a customizable avatar, communicate in public message boards, play games and earn "Gaia Gold." Gaia main... Read More »