List of Most Commonly Used Drugs in Health Records?

Answer The most commonly used drugs are the ones that are found in the largest percentage of the population. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) list the most commonly used drugs in the United States.... Read More »

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What is the difference between a health records administrator&a health records technician?

Health records technicians and health records administrators work in the organization and management of patient information; however, technicians have fewer educational requirements, fewer manageri... Read More »

Does a secret security clearance automatically request full medical records or automatically request any mental health records?

Depending o the level of clearance being requested, it could require access to these records.

Why is it that I had less health problems why on drugs than I do now that I dont do them?

I think it happened to me the same way...because you never saw a doctor before.

Can you list some fertility drugs containing hCG?

If you are pregnant when needing Rubex you have to tell your doctor and discuss your concerns with him! According to the FDA; Pregnancy Category D Safe use of doxorubicin in pregnancy has not bee... Read More »