List of Misconceptions of Earthworms?

Answer The nature of earthworms is surrounded with many misconceptions, simply because many people do not know the history and nature of earthworms. Quite frequently, the impact of earthworms goes unnotic... Read More »

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What vegetarian/veg*n misconceptions you would like to educate others about?

All of them. We aren't all skinny, pasty-faced weaklings. We're not all homosexual. We're not all preachy. Our hair/skin/muscles are fine. Yes vegans breast feed. Yes we feed our pets what they nee... Read More »

Misconceptions of Technical Schools?

There are many misconceptions about technical schools, such as doubts about their worth as viable options to individuals wanting to enter the job market, and concerns about the potential income an ... Read More »

How to Deal With Homeschool Misconceptions?

Children working.Homeschooling can lead others to have misconceptions about the idea. This article is about how to deal with them in a respectful manner. Read on and enjoy!

What are the most common misconceptions you think people have about newborns?

that they should be able to fit into all their 0-3 months clothes. that they need every fancy accessory under the moon, which really, all they need is a safe place to sleep, clothing, diapers, and... Read More »