List of Minerals in Well Water?

Answer A well is a source of water contained in aquifers fed by the seepage of rainwater and snow. Well water has various minerals and substances dissolved in it. These minerals are either absorbed from t... Read More »

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How to Get Well Water Minerals Out of Hair?

Without a water purifier, hard water can wreak havoc on your hair. Well water minerals, or hard water in general, have high levels of iron, magnesium and calcium, which affix themselves to the hair... Read More »

Does tap water have more minerals than filtered water?

On One Hand: Filtered Water Has Fewer MineralsMany people prefer to drink water that has gone through some kind of water purification system or reverse osmosis rather than tap water because it impr... Read More »

List of Rare Minerals?

Ever find an interesting looking rock? Chances are, you actually found a mineral. A solid chemical substance, minerals are naturally occurring objects found in the earth. They are found in a variet... Read More »

Bare minerals vs. Pur minerals vs. Raw minerals vs. Rare minerals, etc.?

Raw minerals All Natural Mineral Makeup! they are bismuth free, and have Color Diversity! There is no other mineral makeup on the market that has color diversity! They are the only full coverage mi... Read More »