List of Martini Drinks?

Answer Martini connoisseurs often argue there is only one "true" martini, gin and dry vermouth. The "martini" tag has now been adopted to describe a range of cocktails, with many twists and variations on ... Read More »

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Sweet Martini Drinks?

Sweet martini drinks are the revised way to serve up a vodka-based drink beyond adding a splash of dry vermouth and an olive or two. Sweet martinis use the vodka as the base, and from there use an ... Read More »

Ready to rate more foods/drinks From a rating of 1-10 how do you grade the food/drinks from this list?

1) Celery -7. I like vegetables.2) Buffalo Wings. -8, YUMM!3) Texas Burger((Burger with Cheese & a Fried Egg.) -Well, I don't like cheese or fried eggs, so 4.4) Onion Rings. -Don't like them, 2.5) ... Read More »

Which of these drinks are considered girly drinks (I have a list in the description)?

Rum and Coke and Vodka and 7 are not girly but the screwdriver is borderline except for a breakfast beverage on vacation and the apple juice and vodka is definitely girlie :)

Ready for more rating food/drinks On a rating of 0-10 how do you rate the foods/drinks from this list?

1- is 10 for me2 is 13 is 54 is 25 is 96 is 87 is 38 is 49 is 610 is 7