List of Mammals of the Tertiary Period?

Answer The Tertiary Period falls within the Cenozoic era. The period itself lasted over 63 million years and contained five separate epochs: the Paleocene, the Eocene, the Oligocene, the Miocene and the P... Read More »

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Epochs in the Tertiary Period?

The Tertiary period is a geological time period that started 65 million years ago and lasted until 2.588 million years ago. It encompasses five different epochs, beginning with the Paleocene epoch,... Read More »

List of Marsupial Mammals?

Around 250 marsupial species are known to exist. A marsupial is a mammal that carries its young in a pouch, called a "marsupium," although a few species do not have a pouch. The mother gives birth ... Read More »

Australian Mammals List?

Mammals are warm-blooded animals capable of delivering milk to their young. Mammals fall into three categories; monotremes, marsupials and placental mammals, indicates the San Diego Zoo. Monotreme ... Read More »

List of Missouri's Mammals?

Missouri is one of the larger states in the United States, providing nearly 69,000 square miles of land area for native mammalian species. During the spring and summer, the "Show Me" state has warm... Read More »