List of Leguminous Plants?

Answer All leguminous plants belong to the pea (Fabaceae) family. This enormous group includes more than 16,000 distinct species. Leguminous annuals, perennials, shrubs, vines and trees have adapted to a ... Read More »

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Tropical Leguminous Plants?

Leguminous refers to any plant in the bean or pea family, Fabaceae, once more widely known as Leguminosae. This is a large family of plants, and many taxonomists break it up into subfamilies based ... Read More »

Pond Plants List?

Pond plants are important to overall pond health. They oxygenate the water, provide food for aquatic animals and help keep water clean and clear. Pond plants are divided into four groups, specifica... Read More »

List of Jasmine Plants?

Jasmines are showy shrubs known for their lovely fragrance. Aalthough all jasmines bloom, not all jasmine blooms are fragrant. Fragrant jasmine blooms release most of their scent in the evening, af... Read More »

List of Herb Plants?

Herb plants make ideal container gardens offering easy access to kitchen favorites. Utilizing the beautiful and aromatic herbs for a visual garden that can also be utilized when cooking, is a wonde... Read More »